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frequently asked questions

Why is this toner different?
Unlike cosmetic products whose ingredient origins are unknown, ours come from the forest 
we live in and share with our neighbors. We know what goes into every bottle, every time.
With no additives or preservatives or added fragrances, it only takes one bottle to feel the difference!

What are the skin benefits?

The exclusive combination of conifers we use are all anti-inflammatory and naturally
high in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and antioxidants. It cleans and softens your skin while alleviating
flare ups. With no oils, no alcohol, no preservatives or added scents, Flora was created so that the
conifer itself lets your skin flourish naturally. It's hydrating, brightening, and will reduce redness, while evening out skin tone with an extra boost of vitamins your skin will love soaking up.
Its aroma is unique: fresh, woodsy and tangy. Like the forest it comes from!
What is the shelf life?

There are no preservatives, so it only has a six month shelf life.

It means you put nothing but the best on your skin every time. 

Keep your toner out of direct sunlight to help guarantee its quality.

No refrigeration is necessary.

Payment and Shipping

The moment an order and payment are made, we freshly bottle your Flora, to ensure its highest quality.

Since we are a small family operation, we only ship every Tuesday and Friday morning.

As we grow, orders will go out with more frequency, so please tell the world about us!

We would love your support!


Please contact us with any concerns and/or questions regarding Flora and we most certainly will
consider offering a refund to ensure your experience is what it should be: awesome!
About Us
Our family lives in our forest located in the Coastal Mountain Range of Oregon. We decided to share what
we love most about our land: its purity. We don't spray our forest with chemicals and manage our property
to ensure wildlife prospers. With a natural spring running through our acreage, it was easy to imagine
the possibilities! Flora was first created due to my own skin sensitivities that include rosacea. 
It was important to create a product that was good to my skin and the environment. 
Thank you for letting our forest becomes yours!
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